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Intentionally Becoming Different is an engaging self-development guide to “unfolding your true self.” Using a self-coaching approach, this unique self-help book serves as a virtual coach, setting the reader off on an exciting journey of self-reflection, self-discovery, and self-improvement. Alexander Trost blends life lessons with relevant literature as well as research insights. Every chapter concludes with a series of questions and exercises for the practical application of the theory shared.

New things emerge by looking at things differently. Intentionally becoming different is about looking at yourself from a different perspective by asking questions you may have never asked yourself. It is about finding out what works best for you by intentionally changing your underlying mindsets as well as your related practices and behaviors. Find the I in your LIFE.

“This book is your ticket for an engaging self-coaching journey of more than half a dozen virtual coaching sessions, guided by carefully crafted models, frameworks and insightful questions.”

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5 stars
"A must read"

“Alexander Trost’s book is a must read for those who choose to be the master of their fate. Wisely carved in wisdom, knowledge and experience, Trost leads us into the realm of mindfulness, effective communication, an understanding of our emotions and a life with purpose. He guides us with clarity into becoming different in order to achieve self-esteem and peak performance in leading a full, fruitful life. A mind changer.” 

Lenny Ravich, Author of “Everlasting Optimism” and Co-Founder of

5 Stars
"You'll never be the same"

“It feels as if Alexander Trost wrote a book just for me and titled it: ‘Intentionally Becoming Different’. Then I realized it’s for everyone who needs a road map for both discovering and living their purpose. This masterpiece is a comprehensive guide for filling your life with greater deliberation and intention. Dive in like I did, and you’ll never be the same.”

Scott Jeffrey Miller, Amazon and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of “Management Mess to Leadership Success” and “Everyone Deserves A Great Manager”

Ability to coach effectively
"Ability to coach effectively"

“I am impressed by Alexander Trost’s ability to develop others. His EQ and sincerity enable him to quickly establish trust and are the underpinnings of his ability to coach effectively. Alexander himself has been a senior business leader and this experience enables him to relate to the pressures and challenges of his clients, much to the benefit of his readers.”

Dr. Steve Wyatt, Executive Director and Professor (Management & Leadership), University of Bath School of Management

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